Hello everyone!

Richard Bredeson

This site is dedicated to the study, practice and teaching of Qigong as offered by me, Richard Bredeson. For me Qigong is life giving, life saving, life extending and life enhancing. The forms, practices, meditations and deep wisdom, based centrally on The Dao and Daoism and a 5000 year history of advanced health and medical exploration, are essential in my life. And I hope to help you see the many benefits to you and your life.

This site provides details on my Qigong classes offered in the Annapolis, Maryland area. And as of May 2017, we are online with live classes you can join from anywhere; these include video recordings for home study and practice.

I also provide here some background on Qigong, why it is such a powerful practice and how it works. I invite you to visit often to see what’s new, where and when I’m teaching and how Qigong may be benefit you!

I teach on Friday mornings at 10:30 in West Annapolis at Wellsview Studio. Online classes are available at the same time, live and by recording. Find details of my current schedule here

And if you are interested in my LIVE video classes, the details are here